Adult Education

You're never too old to engage in the educational aspects of the Catholic Faith. Check out our parish's offerings of classes, online seminars, and workshops to inspire your faith journey! 

About Adult Education

At Saint Paul of the Cross Parish, we believe that there is always more to learn about our faith. Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for adult education courses and fellowship opportunities. Feel free to check out the Ministries and Organizations page to supplement your learning with charitable works and social fellowship throughout our parish. 

Some events below ask for you to "register".  Registration is very helpful in preparing materials and the meeting spaces. If you have trouble with the links below, contact Don Fontana at, or call the parish office, so plans can be made for you to attend.

Baptism Classes

Completion of a Pre-Baptism class is required with your first child before scheduling. Our next Baptism class will be held on Tuesday, July 7th, 5:30-7:00 PM in the DePalma Room. If you have questions, or would like to register, contact Don Fontana at

Parish Presentations

Parish Movie Nights in the St. Anne church Parking Lot*


24th - 9:00 PM - Five People You Meet In Heaven
Click HERE to view the movie trailer. 


21st - 9:00 PM - The Shoes of the Fisherman
Click HERE to view the trailer.


12th - 9:00 PM - War Room
Click HERE to view the movie trailer. 
*In the event of poor weather, show times and locations could change.  Contact Don Fontana with questions at



Get FORMED in the Faith

FORMED is an online platform geared toward adults and families for the purpose of learning and engaging in Catholic content. You can find books, movies, documentaries, studies, and audio talks to support your interests and needs. Saint Paul of the Cross Parish often uses this platform for adult education classes, sacramental preparation, and as a supplement to Bible studies, and we want to offer our parishioners the opportunity to join in our membership. 
Click here for directions on how to join for FREE!