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Events November 19, 2020

Virtual Trivia Night

Virtual Trivia Night

Virtual Trivia Night Join Saint Paul of the Cross Parish for our first Virtual Trivia Night! Log on at 7pm on Friday, December 4th to connect with parishioners and community members for some friendly competition! Questions will be presented using virtual streaming platform, Zoom, and will test your knowledge of fun facts in the 5 rounds of 7 questions presented to your team. AND...the winning team will receive a special Saint Paul of the Cross Parish prize!

Special thanks to Buzz Worthy Trivia Group and the Saint Paul of the Cross Parish Pastoral Council for hosting this event. 

Please check back soon for a link to join the event on December 4th. Registration is not required. Questions can be directed to our office at (412) 531-5964. 

Saint Paul of the Cross Feast Day: October 20

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the shortest way to perfection. The life of Christ was but a continuous cross. God confers a great honor on us when He calls us to walk the same path as His only Son. If you correspond to the designs of God, He will make a saint of you. Be generous, and remember that we ought to walk in the footsteps of Jesus crucified. The servant of God who is not crucified with Jesus Christ, what is he? He is unworthy of divine contemplation who has not fought and conquered some great temptation. God has suffered much for me; ought I not suffer something for Him?  -Saint Paul of the Cross
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