Child Safety & Clearances at Saint Paul of the Cross Parish

Saint Paul of the Cross Parish is committed to providing a safe environment for all. 

Saint Paul of the Cross Child Safety and Clearances

Child Safety & Clearances

Saint Paul of the Cross Parish is committed to providing a safe environment for all. 

We do that by complying with the Safe Environment Policy developed by the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This is an aggressive effort to make Catholic parishes and schools as safe as possible for our children and young people from the threat of abuse.

Adult employees and volunteers (age 18 and older) who have regular contact with minors (under age 18) must complete a five-step process in which they undergo a background check to receive clearances, register in the diocese’s database and complete the Protecting God’s Children training program.

Register with the Diocesan Database

To expedite this process, please have the following information on hand before starting the application:

  • Residential history for the past 7 years;
  • Employment history for the past 5 years;
  • Educational history starting with high school;
  • Volunteer history of your four most recent volunteer activities; and 
  • References: one professional, one personal and one family member.
How to Register
  1. Log onto the website for the Diocese of Pittsburgh at
  2. Select “Parish Volunteer."
  3. A series of 5 steps will appear. Use your cursor to highlight the linked fields and complete each step in order.
Database Enrollement (Step 1)
  1. When you select the first step, you will be taken to a “New User Registration” screen. All fields require entry except for the email address, which is optional.
  2. In the “Primary Parish / School / Agency” field, select the entity where you do the majority of your work or ministry. Our parish is listed under Pittsburgh: Saint Paul of the Cross Parish.
  3. The “Type of Application” requires you to check whether you are an employee or volunteer.
  4. The “User ID” field requires you to enter your own password for access to your application. The bottom of this screen explains the requirements of a User ID. The “Password” field is similar; you will be asked to type the password twice. (Be sure to write down your User ID and Password in a secure place for future reference.)
  5. In the “access code” field, enter the password “Protect”.
  6. Click the “Submit Registration” button. You should receive a message that you have been successfully registered in the system.
  7. Then, click on the underlined link where it says, “Please click here to log in and continue your application.”
  8. At the Log-in Page enter your User ID and Password, and click “Log-in”.  This will take you to the “Application Screen” for you to fill out your application. 
  9. When you get to the Documents page, read the provided online copies of the Code of Pastoral Conduct (CPC) and Child Protective Service Law (CPSL) documents and verify by entering the date for each.
After completing step one, complete steps 2-5, and follow the directions in each field. Give us a call should you have any additional questions at (412) 531-5964. 

Pennsylvania Criminal & Child Abuse History Clearance

This form may be obtained from your site administrator or online by clicking here and scrolling down to:

Please return the completed form to the site administrator. DO NOT FILE IT. The site administrator will do this on your behalf and the $10 fee will be paid by the parish or school.

EXCEPTION: The clearance will be sent directly to Saint Paul of the Cross Parish if you sign a form provided by the parish/school that is titled “Consent/Release of Information Authorization Form for the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance.”

Protecting God's Children Workshop

This workshop promotes awareness of how to protect our youth from sexual predators. Workshops are available throughout the Pittsburgh Diocese at numerous locations and times.

To see a schedule and/or register, click here. You must also call the number provided.

You may also contact the Office for the Protection of Children and Young People at (412) 456-5633.

Faith Formation Volunteers and Employees

To ensure the safety of all who come to Saint Paul of the Cross Faith Formation Office, all volunteers and employees are asked to complete several elements as set up by the Diocese of Pittsburgh guidelines.

Diocesan Database
All volunteers and paid staff must complete an online Diocesan Database form.
  • You can get a copy by calling the Faith Formation office (412) 563-1414
  • You can also fill out the form online at Diocese of Pittsburgh website  diocesan password 'protect' 
Signed Documents
To confirm our intent to help with the safety of all people, please read the "Code of Pastoral Conduct" and "The Child Protective Service Law" that will be given to you at the time you volunteer.  (You can also get this booklet at the Faith Formation office.)  

Please sign the last page, remove it from the booklet and either drop it off at the rectory or mail it to

400 Hoodridge Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

To better understand how we can all be aware of those who may need protection, the Diocese has set up a one-time session workshop called Protecting God's Children (PGC). This workshop is designed to help all adults who volunteer or work for the Catholic Church understand how they can help prevent child abuse.

All adults who volunteer or work for the Church are required to attend. 


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